Leading Racial Equity

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Leading Racial Equity Moving from courageous conversations to courageous leadership. Much of our equity work in schools has focused on courageous conversations, popularized by Glenn Singleton and others.  As leaders we can and must go much further.  Yes, we should encourage our staff to have courageous conversations about race and equity.  More to the point,…

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Influence: Leading When You Are Not in Charge

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Influence: Leading When You Are Not in Charge COVID-19 is a test lab for influence.  We watch it play out on the nightly news.  Who has the most influence?  The President? Governors? Doctors? What should we do? How fast should we do it?  We keep hoping that someone will step up, bring people together, build…

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More … From My Bookshelf

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More … from my bookshelf With a brief note about what I found compelling in each.                                          – Equity – New Kid by Jerry Craft 2019 My first graphic novel!  Pictures ARE worth a thousand words.  Award winner for middle schoolers.  And a great PD tool for educators: seeing life from a student of color…

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Leading in Crisis

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Leading in Crisis We are living in unprecedented times.  Due to COVID-19, virtually all school buildings in America are closed.  School leaders are called upon to sort out untold new ways of doing school.  School lunches.  Distance learning. Day care. Special Education.  Union rules.  New technology platforms.  And at the same time, district leaders are…

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How to Lead When it Matters Most

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Book Review: You’re IT by Leonard Marcus … You’re IT: Crisis, Change and How to Lead When it Matters Most This book is chock full of good leadership, and so appropriate for these uncertain times.  The book grew out of crisis. What went well – and not so well – after national crises like 9/11,…

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