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More … from my bookshelf With a brief note about what I found compelling in each.                                    – Leadership – Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual by Jocko Willink  | 2020 This is the third book I’ve read from Willink.  Ex Navy Seal has a no nonsense approach to leadership which is very detailed and practical.  Lots of…

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Farsighted – improving our decision making

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Book Review: Farsighted: How we make the decisions that matter most by Steven Johnson Big decisions.  Long term decisions. Those with consequences.  Author Steven Johnson says we are wired for short term, not long-term, decisions.  Read this book for ideas on how to make better long term decisions.  Not quite as on target for COVID-19,…

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Using Leadership ‘voice’ to advance racial equity

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Equity Memo: 7 tips for sharing our leadership ‘voice’ You are incredible.  Thank you for your work in sharing our equity voice and vision with staff.  Six weeks ago, I asked district leaders to begin sharing our racial equity commitment – at every opportunity.  We worked on our leadership voice: the heart (feeling); the head…

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Keep looking up!

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Communicate Hope in multiple ways to multiple audiences  Leaders, in crisis and under stress, often retreat to dominate traits. Personality inventories (there are many) often divide the world into four “types.” Each type respond differently – especially when we retreat to our preferred safe zone..  Use, True Colors One of the personality inventories, for example,…

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Graduation Gains – One district’s success

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Federal Way’s success with continuous improvement: An Interview with Superintendent Tammy Campbell Dr. Tammy Campbell became superintendent of Federal Way Public Schools in 2015. Federal Way, located 25 miles south of Seattle, serves 23,000 students in one of the most diverse districts in the nation.  Graduation rates have risen from 76% to 87% with significant gains…

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