Equity and Systems Transformation

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Equity and Systems Transformation  “There is promising evidence that leaders … can have tremendous impact on their organization’s and community’s capacity to produce successful outcomes for all students.” – Christina Dixon and Simone Palmer, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advance of Teaching  TRANSFORMING EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS TOWARD CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT This 35-page Reflection Guide for K–12 Executive…

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Just Schools – a review

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A Review – Just Schools: building equitable collaborations with families and communities Author: Ann M. Ishimaru, Associate Professor of Educational Policy, Organizations, and Leadership at the University of Washington College of Education. Equitable Collaboration To oversimplify, parent collaboration improves school climate, equity, sustainability, and achievement. Chicago schools with high levels of collaboration were 6 to…

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Leading Racial Literacy

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Leading Racial Literacy … a Thought Paper Guest blog by Dr. Kyle Kinoshita Racial equity Educational justice is much on the hearts and minds of educators right now. And they are confronted with two key questions: Where do we start? and What are key aspects of district leadership that result in systemic equity transformation over…

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Racial Equity … One Place to Start

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Racial Equity … One Place to Start Robert Iger says he was named, improbably, CEO of Disney because of three key priorities. Three Only “This is a battle for the soul of the brand,” he was told by a friend. “Talk about the brand, how to grow its value, how to protect it.” Then he…

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More Books and Lessons to Lead By

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More from my bookshelf – October 2020 Looking Ahead: A shorter list this month that touches on marketing, history, and equity, along with values and virtues.  Hopeful ideas to lead by.  I’ll spare you the political exposés and thrillers. And a bonus section, Lessons to Lead By, from Robert Iger’s book, Ride of a Lifetime.…

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Review: Opportunity for ALL

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Bookshelf  Review of:  Opportunity for ALL: a framework for quality and equality in education By Jennifer A. O’Day and Marshall S. Smith. I was eager to read this book These authors were instrumental in state reform movements 30 years ago and I wanted to know what they had learned since then.  It turns out they…

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Student Voice: Powerful Force for Change

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Student Voice Kudos to the Washington State Board of Education for hosting a recent panel of students on the topic of Modern Day Racism in Education. Here are some of the ideas that students shared: Purpose: “We hear a lot of numbers, a lot of data, pretty words like equity and equal access.  We need…

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Engage most … when you feel like it least

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Engagement Builds Trust: You get criticized most when you deserve it the least. – Larry Nyland No Good Deed … Never have so many – especially school superintendents – worked so hard, engaged so much, considered so many options … and been criticized more vehemently.  Truly we live in a time where no good deed…

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More books … leadership, equity, district improvement …

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More from my bookshelf More books: District improvement, equity biography, leadership, history, & human spirit – with brief comments on each: District Improvement: How Schools Work: An Inside Account of Failure and Success from One of the Nation’s Longest-Serving Secretaries of Education By Arne Duncan Former Secretary of Education tells well the story of improving…

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Teams and Shared Leadership

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Teams and Shared Leadership Now is not the time to go it alone. Yes, we love heroes … those strong individuals that have all the answers … but we are also quick to turn on them.  Now, more than ever, we need each other.  Each of us have strengths … and weaknesses.  Those collective strengths…

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