Agile and Adaptive Leadership

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Excerpts:  Leadershift: The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace by John C. Maxwell  | Feb 5, 2019 Adapt to survive and thrive Perhaps at no other time in recent history has adaptability been more important than it is now.  – John Maxwell Maxwell shares 11 essential changes—leadershifts—for adapting our leadership to the future. The top three leadership…

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Think Strategically for a Better Future

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Strategic Thinking  By Larry Nyland and Pam Posey January is the time of new starts and new resolutions. Never have we been so eager to turn a page and start anew. What can you do now to make 2021 a big improvement over 2020? Focus on leadership! “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into…

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One District’s Racial Equity Journey

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Issaquah’s Racial Equity Journey: An Interview with Ron Thiele, Superintendent  I need to lead by acknowledging my white privilege and leveraging my position for good. – Ron Thiele District Leadership Collaborative Ron Thiele, Issaquah (WA) Superintendent, recently shared his district’s racial equity journey with eight school districts in the District Leadership Collaborative. Here is that…

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Books: Leadership Renewal, Equity, & Best Sellers

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More from my bookshelf on Leadership Renewal – January 2021 The top reads for 2020 was the most popular blog last month.  So this month, the MORE segment has three parts: Recent Reads (for me anyway) Leadership Renewal: Personal Renewal … and Organizational Renewal Should you ever want a recommendation let me know.  200 reads…

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Renewed Calling

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Dear Larry: I would love some advice on how superintendents can continue to stay motivated when they feel under attack from their staff, community, or other groups. Little by little, the joy we once experienced erodes, and we’re left with a hollow shell of an office and—even worse—a job, not a calling. Dear Friend: I hear you.…

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