We All Belong Here Campaign

Extending the Equity Table … from the school board to the community: Creating a culture where all stakeholders have a seat, a voice and a responsibility for change. By Dr. Wade Smith, Superintendent; and Dr. Julie Perrón, Director of Equity and Dual Programs How do we engage our community in positive ways to talk about…

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Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity

Review: Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity: The keys to successful equity implementation By Floyd Cobb and John Krownapple When students feel a sense of belonging they will achieve. – Brenda CampbellJones For … or against Being against racism … or achievement gaps … is a start.  But the real question, according to the authors…

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More Books on Belonging and Black History

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More Books – February 2021 More Books from: Recent Reads Belonging Black History Interested in other topics? Email me @ larry@larrynyland.com or text me @ 425-418-4398.   Current Reads: Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments by Stefan H. Thomke  | Feb 18, 2020 Businesses run, collectively, more than one test for every person living in the…

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Creating a culture of belonging

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Creating a Culture of Belonging Belonging is essential to learning. And belonging comes before achievement.  So how do we go about creating it? During my term as superintendent of Seattle Schools we studied our outlier schools – schools that out-performed in helping each and every student succeed.  We discovered that the schools that did best…

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Supporting our Staff through Adaptive Leadership

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Lessons Learned – Supporting our Staff through Adaptive Leadership Instructional Memos Use instructional memos to inform, instruct and inspire.  Here is an example. Dear Leadership Team RE: Adaptive Leadership 2.0 These are definitely challenging times for all of us.  I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work you have been doing to…

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