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Adaptive Leadership in a Global Economy … Application and Scholarship

by Mohammed Raei (Editor), Harriette Thurber Rasmussen (Editor) | December 31, 2021

Incredible book about implementing adaptive leadership – world wide – in the midst of the pandemic and other disruptions.  Great tools and ideas for teams that want to become more adaptive in our changing times.

Reset: A Leader’s Guide to Work in an Age of Upheaval

by Johnny C. Taylor  | Sep 7, 2021

Written by Black CEO and President of SHRM – the Society for Human Resource Management.  Offers insights on how HR is becoming the center of company culture and leading the way for diversity.

Leading the Launch: A Ten-Stage Process for Successful District Initiatives

by Kim Wallace  | Sep 24, 2021

Far too many of us launch and hope for the best without the most detailed planning.  Wallace provides a better way – showing step by step how to anticipate and learn from obstacles along the way.  A great handbook for increasing the odds of implementation success.

The Data Detective: Ten Easy Rules to Make Sense of Statistics

by Tim Harford  | Feb 2, 2021

Author specializes in making economics simple enough for us to understand.  Uses common sense approach to poke fun at statistics and show how valuable data can be.  A good resource for disaggregating and understanding racial inequities.

Do Fly: Find your way. Make a living. Be your best self. (Do Books Book 12)

Book 12 of 29: Do Books  | by Gavin Strange  | Apr 30, 2016

Written by a 30-something Brit who made good as a free-lance graphics guy.  Do, try, practice, network … and keep learning by doing.

Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders

by L. David Marquet and Stephen R. Covey | May 16, 2013

Nearly ten years old but speaks volumes for today’s challenges.  Author took over one of the worst ships in the Navy.  Shares a wealth of tips on how collaboration and delegation raised morale and performance.

The Age of AI: And Our Human Future

by Henry A Kissinger, Eric Schmidt , et al. | Nov 2, 2021

Henry Kissinger is 98 years old … and has a new book out.  Lots of information on the state of AI – Artificial Intelligence.  The reigning world chess champ is an AI machine that spent four hours learning chess by playing against itself – and inventing moves never seen before in human history.  Humans are now studying the computer.  And Kissinger adds insights into geo-politics.  What will be the ethics of fighting wars or waging economic competition when some nations / corporations rule the AI waves of the future?

The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story

by Nikole Hannah-Jones , The New York Times Magazine, et al. | Nov 16, 2021

Author realized in high school that 1619 meant the history of enslavement in the US began before the arrival of the Mayflower.  She went on to study diligently, win the MacArthur genius award and become a journalist at the New York Times.  In 2019 The New York Times helped her launch this series of articles outlining the history of slavery.  This Atlantic article gives background on the controversy.

The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times (Global Icons Series)

Part of: Global Icons (2 Books)  | by Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams | Oct 19, 2021

Wonderful interview told on audio in the voices of the two authors.  Reads like an ongoing conversation between two old friends (recorded over several years interrupted by the pandemic).  Great stories about Jane Goodall’s research; she had no training, and everyone told her she would be unsuccessful in living with the gorillas!  Goodall, now 87 years old, has young conservancy groups – Roots and Shoots – in nearly 100 nations helping ensure the future health of the environment.

The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connection, and Courage

Brené Brown (Author, Narrator), Sounds True (Publisher)

An audio book that helped launch Brown’s career.  Recorded live at one of her early seminars.  Still so appropriate for our time.  We live in times of fear.  There is no way through without courage that comes from being vulnerable, present, authentic, empathetic.

Pandemic Prayers & Poetry –

Sarah Bourns | December 2021

Author serves as a pastor in New York City.  She offers prayers of lament … and hope.  A reminder that despite chaos and trauma God’s mercies are new every morning.

The Reading List: A Novel

by Sara Nisha Adams  | Aug 3, 2021

And just for fun, this is multi-generational, multi-ethnic adventure that runs through a local library slated for closure.  One-by-one, the characters in the story, begin reading books on the reading list.  And in so doing they find help to heal in the stories they read … and connection to others who come to share their sorrows and dreams.

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