Investing in Fulani Children.

Schools For Africa … serving Fulani children in Nigeria.

The Challenge:

The Fulani people have herded cattle across Africa for generations.  As cities and farms grow, deadly conflicts break out between the Fulani herdsmen and landowners. Anti-Fulani hostility grows.  Their way of life is under constant attack, and they have nowhere to turn.

Gaining Trust:

Phyllis Sortor, Executive Director for Schools for Africa, was earning their trust when she was kidnapped and held hostage for twelve days.  When she returned, against the advice of many, she won the hearts and confidence of the Fulani people and the Nigerian government.

The Solution:

Schools for Africa provides hope and a future for the Fulani people with:

  • Rotational grazing, which enables Fulani to settle and sustain their cattle
  • Health clinics to support families, and
  • Schools, giving hope to Fulani students

Figuring it Out – How to raise cattle on less land

Lessons learned over many years, one iteration at a time.

  • Step 1 – Boring for and storing water
  • Step 2 – Rotational grazing (like crop rotation) to keep the grass healthy
  • Step 3 – Planting better, more productive grass
  • Step 4 – Artificial insemination to grow more productive cows
  • Step 5 – Contracting with dairy companies to buy Fulani milk

Earning Trust – Open Invitations:

Now, Schools For Africa has open invitations to help villages with education, healthcare, and a peaceful way to continue their culture of raising cattle.

Help Needed:

Schools for Africa serves nearly 3000 students in 19 schools.  Needed are funds to pay 250 teachers each month.  Teachers who, for less than $100 per month, can provide hope and education to dozens of children.

I am privileged to serve as board chair for Schools for Africa.  I marvel at the perseverance and dedication of our Executive Director, Phyllis Sortor, and how God has blessed her efforts to provide love, care, and respect to the Fulani people.

It is my joy to invest in the future of the Fulani children by dedicating 10% of my profits to this work, and I invite you to join me in doing so.

Click here to give … or learn more about Schools for Africa.

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