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What have I been up to since my last blog? My goal in retirement has been to spend 10 hours a week on school consulting, 10 hours a week in support of non-profit leaders, and get a bit more rest and exercise than busy superintendents do.  Turns out, that means I am working pretty much…

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Review – Helping People Change

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Excerpts:  Helping People Change: coaching with compassion for lifelong learning and growth Richard Boyatzis, Melvin Smith, Ellen Van Oosten   Keys to growing high capacity leaders – Larry Kyle Schwartz, a third-grade teacher, suspected there was more to know about her students than their enrollment data or standardized test scores.  To be a truly effective…

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More Books on Belonging and Black History

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More Books – February 2021 More Books from: Recent Reads Belonging Black History Interested in other topics? Email me @ or text me @ 425-418-4398.   Current Reads: Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments by Stefan H. Thomke  | Feb 18, 2020 Businesses run, collectively, more than one test for every person living in the…

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