One District’s Equity Journey

Puyallup’s Equity Journey  An interview with Dr. John Polm, Superintendent of Puyallup (WA) Schools. The Journey Begins Over the last decade Puyallup’s demographic has shifted.  From 18% Free and Reduced Lunch to 40%.  From 20% diversity to 47%.  Equity work began in 2017, mostly in curriculum and professional development. Professional Learning Timeline Looking back, Puyallup’s…

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Review: Improvement in Action

Review:  Improvement in Action: by Anthony S. Bryk What a gift! This book captures 30 years of school DISTRICT improvement and provides six case studies. Anthony S. Bryk shares insights from the forefront of the improvement field: Chicago: For many years, Anthony Bryk, headed the University of Chicago Consortium for School Research.  They identified 100…

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Racial Equity – Act Now

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Racial Equity – 7 Action Steps Nationally, we are asking, Will this time be different?  Will we embrace the challenge to think differently, talk differently, do differently?  I hope so.  News media are reporting that now more than ever before well over half of all Americans believe change is needed to overcome institutional racism and…

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