Wenatchee’s Equity Story

Equity:  a Plan and Promise for Future-Ready Students An Interview with Dr. Paul Gordon, (outgoing) Superintendent, Wenatchee WA – May 3, 2022 For the last three years, Wenatchee has been on an equity journey initiated by Superintendent, Dr. Paul Gordon We Promise … is at the heart of our Strategic Plan Our strategic plan was…

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Embracing Community Conflict

Addressing Community Conflict … And Living to Tell About It When in doubt, reach out: collaborate. The answer is in the room. Invite the group to help resolve issues of the group. Polarized Schools have become the battleground for polarized views on COVID, race, books, and more. When in conflict, we have only so many…

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Farsighted – improving our decision making

person holding camera lens

Book Review: Farsighted: How we make the decisions that matter most by Steven Johnson Big decisions.  Long term decisions. Those with consequences.  Author Steven Johnson says we are wired for short term, not long-term, decisions.  Read this book for ideas on how to make better long term decisions.  Not quite as on target for COVID-19,…

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