Equity and Systems Transformation

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Equity and Systems Transformation  “There is promising evidence that leaders … can have tremendous impact on their organization’s and community’s capacity to produce successful outcomes for all students.” – Christina Dixon and Simone Palmer, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advance of Teaching  TRANSFORMING EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS TOWARD CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT This 35-page Reflection Guide for K–12 Executive…

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Just Schools – a review

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A Review – Just Schools: building equitable collaborations with families and communities Author: Ann M. Ishimaru, Associate Professor of Educational Policy, Organizations, and Leadership at the University of Washington College of Education. Equitable Collaboration To oversimplify, parent collaboration improves school climate, equity, sustainability, and achievement. Chicago schools with high levels of collaboration were 6 to…

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Leadership Hacks to Keep Equity Front and Center

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Equity Hacks The COVID crisis stretches each of us as we seek to operate safely and stay focused on learning/equity.  As I listen to colleagues – sitting superintendents across dozens of districts – I hear major concerns about the incredible detail of logistics and management.  And for good reason. At the same time, racial justice…

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Review – Years That Matter Most

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Review … The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us By Paul Tough https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LC92MH2/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1 Getting into, affording, and completing college has become a full-time professional contact sport. You snooze, you lose. Big data, popularized by the book Moneyball, transformed much of professional sports. Now, no surprise, colleges use big data to decide…

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More Books

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More … from my bookshelf Some binge reading this month: three books on the American Revolution; three books by John Kotter; some racial justice reading and some beach reads. Each with a brief note about what I found compelling. EQUITY How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi  | Aug 13, 2019 Compelling book about racism that…

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More to read … Equity … and Crisis Leadership

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More … to Read THREE timely sections of great reads this month: Current Books ♦ Equity ♦ Crisis Leadership. A brief note about what I found compelling in each. CURRENT Reads:                                     Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done by Charlie Gilkey  | 2019 How to ideas on setting up projects.  No more than 5 big…

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Racial Equity – Act Now

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Racial Equity – 7 Action Steps Nationally, we are asking, Will this time be different?  Will we embrace the challenge to think differently, talk differently, do differently?  I hope so.  News media are reporting that now more than ever before well over half of all Americans believe change is needed to overcome institutional racism and…

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Using Leadership ‘voice’ to advance racial equity

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Equity Memo: 7 tips for sharing our leadership ‘voice’ You are incredible.  Thank you for your work in sharing our equity voice and vision with staff.  Six weeks ago, I asked district leaders to begin sharing our racial equity commitment – at every opportunity.  We worked on our leadership voice: the heart (feeling); the head…

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Graduation Gains – One district’s success

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Federal Way’s success with continuous improvement: An Interview with Superintendent Tammy Campbell Dr. Tammy Campbell became superintendent of Federal Way Public Schools in 2015. Federal Way, located 25 miles south of Seattle, serves 23,000 students in one of the most diverse districts in the nation.  Graduation rates have risen from 76% to 87% with significant gains…

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Leading Racial Equity

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Leading Racial Equity Moving from courageous conversations to courageous leadership. Much of our equity work in schools has focused on courageous conversations, popularized by Glenn Singleton and others.  As leaders we can and must go much further.  Yes, we should encourage our staff to have courageous conversations about race and equity.  More to the point,…

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