Future Focused Purpose and Passion: Dr. Laurie Dent, WA Superintendent of the Year.

In a world where educational leadership demands resilience, vision, and a commitment to community, Superintendent Laurie stands as a beacon of inspiration. Recognized as the WASA 2024 State Superintendent of the Year, Laurie’s journey is one of purpose, passion, and unwavering dedication to student success. What fuels her remarkable achievements? Read more about her driving…

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Invest in the Future

Schools For Africa … serving 3000 Fulani children in Nigeria The Challenge: Fulani have herded cattle across Africa for generations.  Now they face drought, urbanization, and fenced farms.  As cities and farms grow, deadly conflicts break out between the Fulani herdsman and landowners. Anti-Fulani hostility grows.  Their way of life is under constant attack and…

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Think Strategically for a Better Future

silhouette of road signage during golden hour

Strategic Thinking  By Larry Nyland and Pam Posey January is the time of new starts and new resolutions. Never have we been so eager to turn a page and start anew. What can you do now to make 2021 a big improvement over 2020? Focus on leadership! “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into…

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