Adaptive Messaging

Adaptive Messaging Communicate Hope: Leaders communicate hope and energy even in the midst of uncertainty.  Some on our staff are hurting from loss. Others are fearful for their safety. And some are opposed to vaccines and masks. How do we as leaders fill everyone’s bucket … so they in turn … can fill student buckets? …

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MORE … from my bookshelf

MORE Books of interest in Leadership, Equity, World Travel … and Best Sellers Hope Finding Muchness: How to Add More Life to Life by Kobi Yamada and Charles Santoso | Jun 29, 2021 Another winner.  Kobi Yamada writes kids books … for grown ups.  Blub says, Recommended for ages 99 and younger.  Wonderful pictures.  Whimsical.  Filled with messages of hope,…

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More from my bookshelf

view of floating open book from stacked books in library

More … from my bookshelf With a brief note about what I found compelling in each.                                    – Leadership – Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual by Jocko Willink  | 2020 This is the third book I’ve read from Willink.  Ex Navy Seal has a no nonsense approach to leadership which is very detailed and practical.  Lots of…

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Keep looking up!

worm's-eye view photography of forest

Communicate Hope in multiple ways to multiple audiences  Leaders, in crisis and under stress, often retreat to dominate traits. Personality inventories (there are many) often divide the world into four “types.” Each type respond differently – especially when we retreat to our preferred safe zone..  Use, True Colors One of the personality inventories, for example,…

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Leading in Crisis

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Leading in Crisis We are living in unprecedented times.  Due to COVID-19, virtually all school buildings in America are closed.  School leaders are called upon to sort out untold new ways of doing school.  School lunches.  Distance learning. Day care. Special Education.  Union rules.  New technology platforms.  And at the same time, district leaders are…

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Keeping Hope Alive in Tough Times

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Keeping Hope Alive … In Tough Times These are challenging times for educational leaders.  Expectations for student learning keep rising while available funds shrink.  Leaders face pressures to balance budgets, keep teacher salaries competitive, AND invest more in student learning.  Often the district leaders, especially the superintendent, are the only ones that see the bigger…

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