Moving from Alignment to Coherence

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Peter Senge and Systems Improvement I am a long-time fan of Peter Senge’s work.  When AASA asked me which author had had the greatest impact on me – my response was Peter Senge and his book, The Fifth Discipline. I spent time with Peter Senge in Boston and devoured his material on common purpose, shared…

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Seattle Promise

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Equity and the Seattle Promise: How the 13th year (now 14th year) came to be Summary:  The South Seattle College Foundation decided ten years ago to fund a free 13th year – 1st year of college – for every student in need.  Over many years of trial and error, and with great leadership, they made…

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How Scrums Can Increase Equity

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Equity – How “scrums” can move equity work forward Virtually every district has taken to heart the urgency and importance of addressing equity. One and Done Too often, however, efforts are too small to make a difference.  You engage a speaker, find a way to gather the staff, and lead with a powerful motivating address. …

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Growing Instructional Leadership

Growing Instructional Leadership. We have made incredible progress in the area of instructional leadership.  As I came up through the ranks, principals often earned their job for time served.  Keeping the doors open and the buses running was the expectation.  Then came the effective schools research and the idea that good teaching mattered.  Good schools…

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Learning by doing

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For the past year I have been doing a national “landscape review” to better understand trends in school ‘district improvement.’ Here’s what I learned: Improvement Science has been given a big boost by the Carnegie Foundation. The basic idea is: Do it, Try it, Fix it. At Seattle Public Schools we used Learning to Improve…

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