Creating a Culture of Learning

Creating a Culture of Learning. Two themes. I hear two persistent themes through the pandemic. How do we build a culture of care; just to keep the wheels on and everyone functioning? And … How do we create a culture of learning to improve student learning? Both are needed.  Care and creativity.  Empathy and excellence.…

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Making tough personnel calls

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Principals … Key to Student Learning School improvement rarely (possibly never) happens without great leadership. Principals’ building-wide impact makes them one of the most important forces in student learning. Earlier blogs have highlighted the power of principal pipelines and ongoing capacity development for principals. This blog focuses on discernment: what to do when a principal…

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Leading for Professional Learning

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Leading for Professional Learning:What successful principals do to support teaching practice By Anneke Markholt, Joanna Michelson, and Stephen Fink This is a great book about learning from practice (see blog post on Learning by Doing). The authors, all associated with the University of Washington, Center for Educational Leadership, have captured the nuance and essence of…

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