Growing a culture of learning and love

An Interview with the 2023 Washington State Superintendent of the Year – Dr. Adam Swinyard, Superintendent, Spokane Public Schools (SPS). Congratulations, Adam, on being named Washington State 2023 Superintendent of the Year! WASA highlighted your work as a champion of equity in announcing your well-deserved recognition as superintendent of the year.   Q.  How do you…

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Community Voice

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Creating Equitable Community Voice  “A master class” in equity.  “On fire.” “Bringing justice.” “Concrete and Precise.”  Those are a few of the accolades for Dr. Gloria Henderson’s presentation, Advancing an Equity Policy, at a recent conference.   In a time of intense conflict, Dr. Henderson creates an open and honest community wide dialogue on racial equity. …

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Leadership Hacks to Keep Equity Front and Center

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Equity Hacks The COVID crisis stretches each of us as we seek to operate safely and stay focused on learning/equity.  As I listen to colleagues – sitting superintendents across dozens of districts – I hear major concerns about the incredible detail of logistics and management.  And for good reason. At the same time, racial justice…

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Review – Years That Matter Most

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Review … The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us By Paul Tough Getting into, affording, and completing college has become a full-time professional contact sport. You snooze, you lose. Big data, popularized by the book Moneyball, transformed much of professional sports. Now, no surprise, colleges use big data to decide…

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Influence: Leading When You Are Not in Charge

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Influence: Leading When You Are Not in Charge COVID-19 is a test lab for influence.  We watch it play out on the nightly news.  Who has the most influence?  The President? Governors? Doctors? What should we do? How fast should we do it?  We keep hoping that someone will step up, bring people together, build…

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How to Lead When it Matters Most

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Book Review: You’re IT by Leonard Marcus … You’re IT: Crisis, Change and How to Lead When it Matters Most This book is chock full of good leadership, and so appropriate for these uncertain times.  The book grew out of crisis. What went well – and not so well – after national crises like 9/11,…

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