“No one else has impacted my way of thinking about real issues in education the way you have – and I appreciate you. Thank you for courageously sharing your intellect, integrity and ability to look beyond the surface of things. I can absolutely attribute much of my growth and vision around equity to you.”

Pamela M.

“You helped calm the waters and identified our true mission as being based in equity and social justice. You made our message consistent and clear in every speech and in all your remarks, regardless of the audience.” 

Mary F.

“You moved us so far in just a few years and many are committed to sustaining and building on the changes that were made on your watch. Thank you for giving so much, for guiding so effectively and leaving us in a far better position to serve and support our students, staff and families.”

Brenda B.

“Thank you for believing in my leadership in serving the needs of all students and being a change agent in closing the opportunity gap.”

Barbara C.

I’ve worked with Larry on a wide range of projects from racial equity and collective bargaining to board superintendent relationships and navigating complex change.  Larry’s intellectual humility and level of expertise always provide me with a renewed sense of energy and hope especially during times of uncertainty.  Working with Dr. Nyland is like discovering a veritable treasure trove of resources! What I appreciate most is his ability to expose the root cause of any issue and identify the best path forward. He organizes the work into workable stages designed for success.  Dr. Nyland focuses on strengths, grows confidence and helps develop sustainable, actionable plans. Thanks to him advice, we’ve been able to establish systems and implement tools that have greatly improved our organization.  You can see his imprint on our work today. 

Laurie Dent, Superintendent, Sumner-Bonney Lake School District

“Thanks ever so much for your leadership, integrity and strong commitment to always do what is best for students.”

Victoria B.

“Larry Nyland will help change hearts and minds and put equity at the center of your education work. Under his equity focused leadership, Seattle Public Schools created systems for change and accountability that resulted in increased graduation rates, reduction in disproportionate suspensions, and #3 US ranking for student growth in an urban school district. In a diverse, yet racially segregated city, Larry was able to build bridges between communities and garner the trust of staff - overcoming overt hostility in some cases. He teaches as he leads through patience, example, a deep understanding of educational practices, and respect for educators. I learned a tremendous amount from him, and am inspired to continue my own leadership work in what he calls the most important issue of our time. ”

Jill Geary, former Seattle Public Schools board member

Larry Nyland has provided proven leadership strategies in many situations during his career in Washington State. As Superintendent of Marysville SD, Larry brought the teachers’ union and the district together with skillful meditation and positive listening strategies after the longest teacher strike in Washington state’s history. As President of the Washington Alliance for Better Schools, Dr. Nyland brought together twelve school districts to partner and support STEM opportunities in the Puget Sound region. During his tenure as Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, I witnessed his artful leadership skills in bringing together a lasting focus on excellence for every student; eliminating the opportunity gap and supporting community engagement. Dr. Nyland created a consistent and successful focus through a lens on equity and continuous improvement in K-12 education. Larry is a masterful leader and skillful consultant to help bring focused change by growing great leadership and great teams.

Jonelle Adams

Dr. Nyland entered the Seattle Public Schools in a time where relationships were not the best. He reached out to educators through SEA and put an importance on collaboration. Larry is a committed leader, he understands that stable, long-term leaderships matter. He cultivated strong leaders.  And worked tirelessly with teachers, classified staff, principals, families, and the central leadership to cultivate mutual respect, open communication and honest feedback. Dr. Nyland’s passion for learning was evident when he interacted with the educators in the classrooms. He is grounded in the everyday practice of teaching and learning and cultivates mutual respect with educators about their practice.

During Dr. Nyland’s time the district made progress in closing the opportunity gap. Graduation rates for black students rose 12%. Our students test at nearly a full grade above the national average. Our third graders’ reading scores out-perform the state by 10 points, and 8th grade math scores lead by 15 points. The Family Survey showed a 14% increase in satisfaction with the district under his leadership. I greatly appreciated working with Dr. Nyland.

Phyllis Campano, (former) President Seattle Education Association