Why I Do What I Do

Welcome, I’m Larry Nyland, an American educator, leader, consultant and coach.

I figure things out.  Learn how to make things better.  As a kid I took alarm clocks apart, found what was wrong, and put them back together.  Later I figured out how to graduate early from HS and finish my BA in 2.5 years.

My parents would have been ELL kids, I would have been a Free and Reduced Lunch kid.  Education made a huge difference for me.  I have spent a lifetime figuring out how to help organizations learn, grow and improve.  In education that means finding ways to help each and every student succeed.

Multiple times I have assumed district leadership roles after ten years of leadership turmoil.  Each time, we have been able to build community, build teamwork and create student success.  And we raised graduation rates, cut graduation gaps in half while building staff and community support.  I work with teams, build community, figure things out, grow leaders, improve results and relationships.

Now I write and consult to help others solve problems, grow leadership and improve outcomes.

Larry Nyland Portraits

My monthly blogs focus on:

  • Leadership Development – Growing relationships, teams and results. Based on creating success over 27 years as school superintendent – most recently with Seattle Public Schools.  And creating the Seattle Pacific University Executive Leadership Program.
  • Lessons Learned – Strategies learned from a lifetime of public service and many years of consulting with dozens of school districts and non-profits world-wide.
  • Racial Equity – A commitment to figuring out what works in closing opportunity gaps for students. Experience in a variety of diverse districts with large populations of Native, Hispanic, African American and International students. Racial equity is one of the most important issues of our time.
  • Books of Note – Monthly reviews of books that matter in leadership, equity and education.

Let me help you

  • Solve Problems – Figuring things out. Improving systems. Improving relationships. Helping dozens of consulting clients find root causes and make improvements. Quick consultations to help you zero in on key issues in a timely way.
  • Become More Effective – Organization reviews and strategic plans that celebrate successes and outline next steps for getting better.
  • Grow Capacity - Leadership workshops – as well as coaching and consulting – on how to become more effective at delegation, problem solving, team building, leaving a legacy … and improving learning.
  • Improve Equity – Developing plans based on positive exemplars and continuous improvement that make long-term sustainable change work for all.

Put my experience to work for you:

  • 27 years as superintendent of schools ... in Seattle and four other school districts.
  • Board member, consultant and speaker for multiple international schools & universities.
  • Founder for the Seattle Pacific University executive leadership program.
  • Nationally recognized leader:
    AASA finalist for U.S. Superintendent of the Year; Kellogg Fellow with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
  • National speaking and publications; including my recent interview of Jim Collins

My past work and testimonials: